The DNA of your Data

More data, in less time

Magnificent features that will change your perception of data management

All you need to extract, load, transform, design and grow data on one enterprise data warehouse


Get your data – fast and easy

The Data Source Management handles everything from connecting to the data sources to the loading of data into the designated agile stores. With the introduction of a new modelling methodology, source handling differs significantly from known ETL processes making it ETL hassle-free.

Source Connectors

Built-in connectors provide connectivity to sources e.g. REST, Oracle DB, CSV. The sources are scanned and delivered as feeds.

Massive Parallel Data Injection

The design methodology allows data to be loaded independently of the strucure. This allows a parallel loading of the Agile Stores.

Visual Source Mapping

The data path from source to the agile stores are layed out beautifully through a visual design.

Load All, Save All

Source Data is stored before they are digested. Should the source be replaced or Agile Stores be redesigned from scratch, source data can be reused again and again.

Massive Parallel Source Loading

Incoming feeds from sources are loaded in parallel, since there are no required data dependencies on the loading mechanism.

Data Domain Source Access Rights

Sources underlie the separation of concerns, only giving the dedicated data domains access to its data.

Data Design made simple

Enjoy designing your data structures as never possible before. The advanced modelling methodology based on the 6th NF and typed agile elements elevates the data warehouses to a new level. From tiny Agile Elements to massive Data Domains, all you need to design a data warehouse.

Agile Elements

Agile Data Elements are the core of an Agile Store. Anchors, Attributes and Ties allow design of any needed and desired structure.

Evolving Content

Once deployed, the existing structure can be changed on-the-fly. True unintrusive structure changes without compromising the existing data in the structure.

Agile Stores – The Data DNA

Agile Store is the core entity for storing Agile Elements. An Agile Store typically represents a closed single business sub-entity.

Intuitive Modelling

The design is web-based, using modern responsive browser components to ease the creation of new structures.

Data Domains

Data Domains group Agile Stores into a cohesive group representing a business entity. A Data Domain also protects the data.

Role Based Data Access

The Access Rights are based on the incoming source, element, store and domain level, allowing a fine grained hierarchical control of access management.

Flexible Structures

The Agile Elements allow the construction of every imaginable structure, there are no limits on data warehouse design. All existing data warehouses are subsets of this design method.

Temporal Attributes – Data Series

Attribute properties are extended naturally on time components catching record, happening, update and valid dates. Time series and past, present and future is covered fully with these temporal attributes.

Share your data and let it grow

Sharing Data Domain Views extend the data visibility to other data domains. Choosing and combining these views lead to a cascaded and stacked view of data across data domains, generating new insights for your enterprise – the ultimate goal.

Data Domain Sharing

Data domain views can be shared outside of the domain for further consumption.

Stacked Data Mart Integrity

Stacked Data Marts provide several integrty checks, to assure that only available and mandatory data form a holistic view. The same integrity rules as in the agile stores apply on a higher level.

Stacked Data Marts

Shared data from several data domains can be stacked to create new data views – data marts – containing cross-domain data and generating higher levelled information.

Web-Based Stacked Visual Design

The creation of Data Marts is easy and intuitive following the same web-based design concept as the agile stores design.

Even More Features

Even more features to ease your life.

Modern Web UI

A fast and modern user interface your users will love. Based on Google Material Design trend.

LDAP Connectivity

Use the company user directory to ease user system access.

Role Based Access Rights

Built-in roles and access-rights for data from Element Level to Data Mart level

Data Lineage

Trace your Data from Source to consumer and understand its transformation along the path.