Reown your Data

Say Hello to Marvin

The Most Advanced Data Management System.

Meet Marvin

The First Of Its Kind

Marvin is an enterprise data management system of a new era. It combines newest modelling techniques with the ability to process massive data in real time. The unique and award winning modelling technique allows a continuous, unobtrusive and evolutionary modelling of your data.

That is why we say; Re-own your data.

The most advanced enterprise data management system.

Why Marvin ?

Marvin has an unique promise. Replace your existing data warehouse systems and invest into a modern, efficient and easy to use enterprise data management system. It will save you costs, shorten the data readiness for consumption and engage collaboration amongst your business people. Put yourself ahead in making decisions based on your enterprise-wide data on one single view.

The Data-Backbone for your real-time Analytics and Reporting

Efficient Modelling Techniques

Replace your old structures with newest time- and cost-efficient modelling techniques.

Reduce Cost Burn Rate

Drastically reduce the monthly burn rate involving IT and Business Involvement.

Fast Data

Design, Retrieve and have your data ready for consumption in real-time. Days instead of months

Investment in the Future

Invest into your Data Future instead trying to catch up.

A Big Data Warehouse that feels like an Application.

It is an Application.

Design your Data like never before.
Experience a “now” moment, when you design and get your data immediately.
Never again write design or technical documents or wait for developmnet and testing to be done months later.

Save time and gain insights fast.
Be ahead and gain insight from your data as you design and get the data flowing in from your sources.

unique data value

Unify your data.
Replace all your data processing tools with one.

Share and Grow.
Have multiple persons in one department, multiple departments in one unit, all units in a company to work and design your data. Use the knowledge of everyone and overlay the data. A true view on all the data in your company contributed by all.


Accelerated Innovation – Modelling Data

Marvin embeds a marvillous and simple data modelling technique at your fingertips.
It overcomes problems of the last 30 years in slow and non-scalable dataware houses and takes full advantage of the upcoming big data databases.

Get the world’s most advanced data enterprise system


Modelling Technique

“What you design is what you get’

Overcome 20 years age model approach problems.


Connect to Systems and retrieve all necessary data.

Digest all incoming data into its bits .

Self Service

Business Users design and adapt their data structures themselves.

No Need of IT hassle and costly implementation cycles.

Share and Grow

Share the Data Structures with others. Combine the shared data into bigger structures.

Divide and Conquer magnificently applied.