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Agile Contracting

Your Digital Solution delivered with fixed-price agile contracts.

Agile Factory Delivery. Fixed-Price contract.

Agile Factory

Product Ownership

The product owner is the bridge between your customer-centric requirements and the feature team. He will guide through the agile process helping you focus on what really matters. Your needs.

Feature Teams

An inter-disciplinary feature team that handles everything from requirements hand-over until go-live of the delivered increment.

Agile Development

Our teams are trained and experienced in agile methodologies. Starting with sprint planning sessions to creation of automated functional tests reports and continous delivery they work in a highly qualified and effective agile process.

Incremental Delivery

Every sprint delivers an increment with your features according to the definition of done. This is the basis for the fixed-price concept, an easy and comprehendable incremental delivery contract.

Fixed-Price Contracts

A fixed-price contract based on requirements complexity and driven by incentive to minimise costs.

Traditional pricing policy for software creation relies on the amount of time spent in terms of man-days. Man-days, or the duration of a software development is in our eyes an unreliable size for pricing. This pricing policy does not encourage the software supplier to work faster and efficient and is detrimental to the customer.

Our aim is to align the price to the actual complexity of the requirement.  For this reason, we use our own pricing model geared to the complexity of the requirements and commonly used in agile environments: Story Points. Thus, the fixed price depends solely on the complexity of your requirements. 

A milestone in fixed-price contract design.

Why use Fixed-Price Agile Contracting

You get what you ordered in a regular agile delivery cycle. You reduce risk and increase the output of your software project - from day one, even if you never worked agile before.

This is what our clients precious most.

How to get it - Step by Step

Based on our experience over the years we have adopted a three step approach to get you started with agile delivery. These procedures helps us to understand the your specific needs and setup needed to be effective and efficient.

1. Business Agility Inception

Introducing Business Agility is a major step. The goal is to understand your needs and problems and describe them in an agile context. For this we offer experienced product owners who accompany and train you in the agile requirements process. The product owner will accompany you in day workshops to create an initial backlog and the definiton of done with you.

As the software evolves, the Product Owner remains your point of contact, and he is your link between your requirements and the Agile Factory. We will act as the project manager for the full delivery.

2. Setup Team

Along with the creation of business requirements, the product owner will also create and work with our clients on a technical requirements and roadmap. These technical requirements are used to setup the team corresponding with the identified technology stack. The team will be supported by testers and devops engineers.

3. Initiate Agile Delivery

With an approved backlog and a team, the requirements will go through our internal agile development chain. Once done, the software with your features will be delivered and deployed to your agreed environment.

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