Who We Are

We are a company dedicated to finest software craftmanship in the finance industry. We embrace agile process coaching, bespoke fixed-price agile software delivery and our finest award winning data warehouse system - Marvin.

Our Services

Agile Data Management

Marvin, our marvelous revolutionary data management system. A unique way to model your data throughout your entire corporation. Start small and regain control of your data.

Generate Forward-Looking Insights from your Corporate Data.

Regain Data Control

Fixed Price Agile Contracting

The benefits of Agile and fixed price Contracts

We offer a fixed-price agile contract model, delivering customer value every sprint. Including inception, guidance and coaching of a complete agile lifecycle.

Hassle-free, easy fixed price agile delivery.

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Agile Transformation

We transform the way you work. With years of own experience, lessons learned the hard way we empower you with a lean process forged by our coaching and training.

Transform Yourself.

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